Our Services



    • Financial Advisory services
    • Audit and Accounting Services
    • Health savings Account management
    • Creating Access to Finance for Entrepreneurs and Business owners


    • BCA Healthcare Network; – A network of healthcare service providers across the country that participate in our clinical care delivery services as we refer patients to them in a thoroughly coordinated manner, and for a discounted fee so that our patients get high quality treatment outcomes at the best possible cost.

    • Healthcare Project Management; for States, Individuals and Organizations.
    • Healthcare Project Advisory Services
    • Healthcare Financial Advisory Services
    • Medical Equipment Leasing
    • Medical Equipment Sales, Installation and Maintenance Services
    • Human Resource Training for Capacity Optimization
    • Hiring and Recruitment Services in Healthcare
    • Clinical Care Coordination and Wellness Services
    • Health and Wellness Tourism
    • Global Medical Logistics
    • Medical Escort
    • Medical Evacuation/Medevac/ Aeromedical Evacuation Services
    • Repatriation of Human Remains
    • Ambulance Services – for emergency evacuations using both Land and Air-Ambulances.



    • Business due diligence
    • Investment Advisory Services
    • Investment Portfolio Management
    • Market Intelligence and Market Assessment Services E.g. – Market size, Market segmentation
    • Creating Linkages with local and International Investors – Sourcing of Growth Capital for Business expansion.
    • Scoping of the Market for Credible Investment Opportunities in Healthcare and other Industries
    • Hosting of Investment Summits for States and Government Agencies.