About Us

Benson Coleman and Associates Ltd is a local Nigerian company with global reach. The founders and promoters of this enterprise come from diverse industry background in the financial industry, capital market, healthcare industry, human resource management, engineering, general economics and agribusiness. We know the Nigerian market well, and have linkages across the globe with partnerships in America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The curtailment of common investment mistakes people and companies make as they come into the Nigerian market is the reason why we exist. Our business is to hand-hold entrepreneurs and organizations to get their financial and investment strategies right from the word go. We also support ongoing businesses to rework their strategic objectives with the aim of converting loss making businesses into profit making and those already doing well into posting higher returns

Benson Coleman & Associates is an investment advisory business. One of our goals is to link investors to credible business opportunities in the market place.

We Nurture ideas into wealth creation. We have developed Affiliations with Investment bodies ranging from Banks, PE Firms, Venture Capital Firms. Our  Development Partners include Afro Exim, NEXIM, BOI, Development Bank of Nigeria, and High Networth individuals that have appetite for good investments.